Care for Yourself and Your Skin will Follow

Our skin tells the story of our health and self-care. Our skin is impacted by the quality and consistency of our diet, sleep, mental health, and recreational habits. External forces like season changes also impact our skin making it tricky for people with skin conditions.

Understanding these factors or triggers becomes the first necessary step to caring for our skin. Thereafter, a holistic healthy lifestyle approach towards self-care creates long-lasting beautiful skin. We delve into 3 big influencers of our skin health!

Care for Your Nutrition

Coined the second brain, our skin looks healthy when our gut is healthy. Crowding out C.S.S.P’s (or Caffeine, Sugar, Salt, and Processed foods) with delicious healthy fats (e.g. eggs and avocado), vegetables (e.g. bell peppers), fruits (e.g. oranges), and drinking lots of water rejuvenates the skin.

Tip: Want to boost absorption of collagen? Have vitamin C!

Care for Your Sleep

When we sleep, our body releases proteins such as cytokines and collagen that maintains immune function and supports skin strength respectively. Studies show inadequate sleep impacts immune function and influences collagen production making our skin dull and dry creating more fine lines.

Tip: Want to reduce fine lines and aging skin? Aim for 7 hours of sleep.

Care for Your Stress

Stress is a trigger to many skin conditions such as acne and eczema. Unfortunately, we typically deal with stress superficially, doing enough to get by without dealing with the underlying cause. Without proactively managing stress, our skin suffers, taking about one month to recover before we see new skin.

Tip: Identify your cause of stress, proactively remember what you can and cannot control, and get moving!