Our Team

Ginnie – Founder 

Ginnie’s creativity, enthusiasm, warmth of people, and love of work incites ambition in her team.


Ginnie Chu - Founder and Managing DirectorGinnie lives a life full of creativity and dreams. Her biggest dream is to make a positive difference to the world. Ginnie believes everyone deserves to be loved and is passionate about guiding anyone to happiness - however that might look. Ginnie is also the marketing lead of Evercare Health - Hong Kong’s most innovative home care company. 


Albert Chan – CFO

“Lots of people reach out to Albert because of something they need. They stay because he is one of the most loyal friends you will ever have.”

Albert Chan - CFOBorn in Hong Kong and raised in the United Kingdom, Albert has over 10 years in Commercial Real Estate consultation, providing advice and solution to overseas multinational corporations on their business and office establishment in Hong Kong. Albert is thrilled to be part of the Ginnie Bottle family and drive to make a positive impact on the natural product industry.


Jolene Zhu – Marketing Director 

"Jolene is a strong-minded young lady, who has great ability to overcome any challenge that lies ahead"

Jolene Zhu - Marketing DirectorBorn and raised in China, Jolene has used her marketing experience over almost 10 years towards positively contributing to the world. Jolene cares very deeply of the impacts of environmental pollutants and issues, chemicals, and food safety. It was only natural that she be passionate about natural and organic products. If you ask what is her vision for Ginnie Bottle? It is to make the world a better place than we found it.